Kenwood TS-930S Ham Radio

Here is a beautiful 100% working Kenwood TS-930S and this one has the hard to find PIEXX card in it. The PIEXX board alone was a $259 add on. And it has the K7QHN fan mod that allows for the power supply fan to run constantly with an upgraded ultra quiet fan.

PIEXX Description:

Memory Functions: The PIEXX TS-930 up upgrade contains quite a bit more non-volatile memory than the original TS-930 processor board. This memory is implemented with eeprom technology, there are no batteries required to maintain the memory. The memory is implemented as follows:

Existing 8 channel rotary switch memory functions have been retained as in the original design.
An additional 99 memory locations have been implemented. These memory locations are accessed with the RIT knob when the RIT function is turned off. The memory channel number is also shown in the RIT display section. The eight rotary switch memory channels are selected when the 99 channel memory is cleared, that is set to 0.
There is a set of band start memory locations that are activated when the operator selects a band via the band select push buttons. With this feature, the operator has the ability to select what frequency is brought up in each band as a function of selecting that band. This band start information is selected by writing to rotary switch memory channel 8 when you are in a valid part of a specific ham band. For example, if the operator has 7.025mHz set on the frequency display, and he writes (MIN) this to memory channel 8 as selected on the memory rotary switch, this frequency, 7.025 mHz will be selected whenever the 7 mHz band switch is depressed.
Two memory locations are set aside for the power up state of VFOA and VFOB. These memory locations are updated, when the operator presses the DISPLAY LOCK switch, with the current contents of these VFOs. If the S-Meter option is installed, the system will save the contents of VFOA and VFOB while powering down.
RS-232 Serial Interface: The PIEXX TS-930 up upgrade allows the ability for a computer, or other RS-232 serial device to communicate with the transceiver. The communication protocol is implemented as a subset of the protocol implemented on the TS-850 and TS-570 transceivers. Unfortunately, not all of the functions can be implemented because of the manual mode selection of the TS-930. However, basic control of frequency and memory functions are available. In addition, a S-Meter option is available for the PIEXX upgrade up board. This option allows the computer to read the S-Meter value through the serial interface.

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