Advanced Radio Devices ARD 230C

Here is a beautiful Piece of radio history the ARD 230C

basic specs of the ARD-230C.

It’s a remotely operated linear amplifier with continuous coverage from 30Mhz to 1.8Mhz.
 The RF deck is integral to the power supply and contains three Eimec 3CX800 metal ceramic tubes.
 The power supply provides 2500V DC at 2400 Ma.
 This combination will make 1500W at full duty cycle continuous operation with around 35W drive from the exciter depending on the band.
 With 70 watts drive I have seen 3200 watts "output not input" PEP on 10 meter side band.
 It’s operated by the remote control head that can be located up to 250 feet away.
 You can choose from fully automatic operation, semi automatic operation or manual operation modes.
 It’s capable of sensing the frequency of operation and changing bands automatically, while adjusting the Tune and Load capacitors for ideal settings.
 During operation it can also sense various abnormalities such as excessive plate or grid currents,
 or low air flow, and alert the operator or entirely lock out the amplifier for protection.

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