loss of my home of more than 50 years

Thanks to Eminent Domain laws and a lack of oversight from any court or government agency I have lost my home of more than 50 years as well as hundreds of thousands in personal and business inventory.

They did pay me what they called fair market value which was approximately 1/2 of a million dollars less than the appraisal I got.  and more than 3/4 million less than the last offer we had several years earlier.

They also offered ” consideration of property owners expenses such as moving expenses and humanitarian needs ” so we set forth in getting estimates for reasonable moving expenses of witch they paid may be 15% of our estimate.

But here is the real rub they said under their own authority they could and did opt out of most of RCW 8.26, this is the part of the Eminent Domain law that actually offers the displaced parties some kind of help.

Like I said under their own authority!! I sent emails called everyone I could think of hired a lawyer and still got nowhere. The attorney general when I contacted their office to look into it I promptly got a letter from the Everett School District’s lawyers and an email from the attorney general stating that the school district was the ultimate power in this case.

Well we are out now and they have our property. And we didn’t see a dime from them till 17 days before the move out date.

RCW 8.26 would have provided us an advocate to help navigate this government action, help in finding a new home, help in finding available grants set in place just for this type of action, and real coverage for the expenses associated with our move.  Most or all of witch would have been at no cost to the school district.

There are a few requirements for them to opt out and from my research they don’t qualify

quote from RCW 6.26 010

4) The governing body of any local public agency may elect not to comply with the provisions of RCW 8.26.035 through 8.26.115 in connection with a program or project not receiving federal financial assistance initiated on or before December 31, 2017.

The first argument is that the school is a “local educational agency” the second is that there general fund does receive federal funding, and the third is that there project that required my land “acquired 4/15/2018” is still not funded and the project could not have be initiated before December 31, 2017…

Our attorney general didn’t seem to be interested in the Everett school district breaking the law….

I on the other hand am not done.