Collins 30S-1 acquired 12-11-2018

here is the Collins as I got it pictures taken 12-12-2018.

update 12-16-2018 🙂 After cleaning a relay K203 it seems to work as it should… Only time will tell. Before that the red light wouldn’t come on reliably. It will not key without the red light on.

Started with 80 meter, and with 30 watts in, I get a real clean 500 watts out, that’s all I was really looking for.. I suppose I could push it to the 1200 watts it is capable of, but why risk it ?

This morning 12-17-2018 🙂 I loaded it up for the 20 meter net and with 30 watts drive I am getting 900+ watts out 🙂  WOW 🙂  …

I would bet I haven’t found the sweet spot for 80 meter yet… LOL